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This chapter contains related literature and studies about online information and resort reservation system. All information and data are published research books and online journals.

2.1 Foreign Literature

Maxwell (2002) stated that “Information system are designed and implement within an organization to support adequate action such that value addition may be achieved. Another, all medium to large organizations depend on information technology for their continued survival.”

Gerard (2002) stated that “the flexible online information system was created as a tool with the two main purposes the reservation theory and its application. The usage of computers is more efficient, accurate and faster than the manual or traditional system of working.”

Moreover, according to Max (2001) in his book “The basic problem in managing and establishment in producing the right and timely reports for every single division of department clearly he problems or having an immediate and accurate work for every business exist. The need of computer is very vital in field of business provide them easy and faster transaction and retrieve data information.”

The application of modern information technology dominated so far by the use of Internet websites and online reservation systems, gives competitive advantage to other with same establishment. However, the potential competitive advantage can be transformed into real advantage if only the websites have proper design. As a result, the advocator conducted research on the facts related to the system that might be helpful to its development.

Jeong et al. (2005) discuss the role of website quality in attracting online bookings and empirically test their proposed model with potential lodging customers. Authors indicate that information completeness and ease of use are important determinants of website quality.

Schegg et al. (2002) analyze Swiss hotel websites over different criteria and conclude that they provide static information and limited transactional functions. Law and Leung (2002) examine airfare reservation systems over attributes like information quality, system use, system quality, services quality, and customer loyalty. Their results show that North American-based websites outperform Asian-based ones.

Land Vogt (2004) evaluates several online booking engines over 23 different criteria, like overall user friendliness, payment method, instant confirmation, reliability, and invoicing function among others. These criteria present some of system’s functions and design principles discussed further in current paper. Law and Wong (2003) find the three most important factors that contribute to a successful website, according to the on-line purchasers, are secure payment methods, different price ranges for products/services, and user-friendly system.

2.2 Local Literature

A dynamic website is one that has frequently changing information or interacts with the user from various methods or direct interaction. When the Web server receives a request for a given page, the page is automatically retrieved from storage by the software in response to the page request. A site can display the current state of a dialogue between users, monitor a changing situation, or provide information in some way personalized to the requirements of the individual user. [WikiPedia]

A dynamic website is one in which the content of the website and the design are separate, meaning that the content is shown to the user as he asks for it, within the design of the site. The content itself is inserted by way of a Content Management System (CMS). A CMS is designed to enable a non-programmer to easily add new content to his/her dynamic website FASTER than a designer could add a page to a static one. This means that you could stick with a single website for years without needing to pay a designer a dime for updates! Another big advantage that...
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