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Lauren Billups
Young Adult Literature
March 5, 2009
The Kite Runner Cultural and Historical Criticism

The Kite Runner reflects the period in which it was written in many ways. The Kite Runner was written to reflect the culture of those who live or lived in Afganistan. Hosseini did a wonderful job of broadening the readers knowledge of the Arab culture. As a good historical novel should be written, it had a great authentic rendition of the time and place as well as the people being featured. Hosseini educated the reader of the different class levels. How Sunni Muslims are superior to the Shi’a Muslims, and the horror that Taliban brought many Muslims. By reading this novel I was educated further about life in Afganistan; their overall culture and life for Muslims during the war. Hosseini drew in the reader by giving details about the Muslim culture; from the stoning procedure to the proper was to ask someone’s hand in marriage. The Kite Runner being a great historical novel had very believable charecters and I mosty certinaly came away feeling that I was far more educated about Afganistan, that time period and their culture in general . The great detail Hosseini share draws the reader in an lets you somewhat relate this to your life.

The Kite Runner is all about the historical content. With out understanding the time period and the events that went on in their culture it would be nearly inpossible to truly understand The Kite Runner its symbols and meanings. Hosseini made it fairly easy for the reader to understand the historical content, its importance and meaning.
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