reflecting wisdom

Topics: Knowledge, Understanding, Wisdom Pages: 2 (702 words) Published: February 14, 2014
Reflecting Wisdom 1

Reflecting Wisdom

Janise McWilliams




The person I am choosing to write about would be my step father. I chose him because he is very Wise and very physiological and can break things down into a visual aid that can help me see the Things I am doing within my life. He has only been in my life since I was 9 and he has so much Knowledge and ways of explaining things in seems so unreal that he has not become a teacher Some famous writer the way he is able to speak to people and myself. He can carry on a Conversation with everyone. He analyzes and then generates an understanding with any one Person he is speaking with. I believe what makes him wise is his life experiences and learning on A daily basis and he brings that knowledge to the less fortunate. He and I have a lot in common in That sense we love working with the less fortunate and bringing a ray of sunshine into their World. I call him an old soul, which is funny because he also calls me the same thing. He says I Have an understanding with people that most cannot even fathom. The attributes I believe I have Developed is to maintain a good conversation with those in need, I have the heart for it and the Life experiences to share along the way. He too writes poetry, like I we are connected in a way Where I understand where he has been and the pain he has gone through, because in a sense I am The same way. I love how physiological he is he can turn any situation into a positive outlook on Life with just, caring and understanding and the visual aids he uses are great. In the years to come I believe my biggest task is to take constructive criticism and use it...
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