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Reflective writing aims to
 get you
 think about and
 your learning experiences. Reflective writing
can be included in a variety
 of different assignment tasks. It can include keeping a reflective journal or learning  
log with multiple entries – particularly for professional placements – or be part of an  essay or report.
 papers can be
 informal, focusing on self-­‐awareness, while
 other may be
 formal, including
theory and developing a framework for professional development. It is, therefore, important to  follow the
lecturer’s guidelines.
 This outline presents one approach to reflective writing, using a DIEP strategy.  
THE DIEP strategy

The four steps in this approach (adapted from Boud, Keogh, & Walker, 1985) are to describe,

Interpret, evaluate and plan.

D – Describe objectively what happened.

Answer the question: ‘What did I do, read, see, hear, etc.?’

I – Interpret the events.

Consider why events happened in the way they did. Explain:
o What you saw and heard
o Your new insights
o Your connections with other learning
o Your feelings
o Your hypotheses and/or conclusions
Answer the question: ‘What might this mean?’

E – Evaluate the effectiveness and usefulness of the experience •

Make judgments that are clearly connected to observation you have made. Answer the questions:
o What is my opinion about this experience?
o What is the value of this experience?
o Why I think this?

P – Plan how this information will be useful to you.

Consider how this learning experience might be useful for you: o Course
o Program
o Future career
o Life generally
Answer the question: ‘How will I transfer or apply my new knowledge and insights in the future?’

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Oct 2013

Using the DIEP strategy for writi ng a
In your writing, attempt...
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