Real knowledge comes from practice

Topics: Scarlett Johansson, Truth, An American Family Pages: 1 (307 words) Published: October 21, 2013
Have you watched the film “Journey to the center of the earth Ⅱ: The Mysterious Island”? I watched the film last week. The director of the film is Brad Peyton. The film uses 3D cameras in North Carolina and Hawaii. The main actor in the film is Dwayne Johnson and Josh Huteherson. The story happened in an American family.

The children in the family like exploration. He knows the “Mysterious Island” from the book. He is very interesting in that place, so he is ready to go to the island with his father. They came to the place as said in the book, but there is nothing. They feel a little sad. At that moment, a tornado brings them to an unknown place. It is a beautiful world with many p了ants, animals. They have found the “Mysterious Island”.

Unfortunately, this island will sink after a few days, so they have to leave this. They cross the whole island with many difficulties. They have to sleep with plants, and fight with the biggest animals. Finally, they find a ship and leave the “Mysterious Island”.

From this story, we can see many philosophies of life. If they do not take action, even if they know this island, they would not find it. It just likes our life. You will do not know the truth without any action if you face a question. If they have not the spirit of exploration, maybe they would not find the “Mysterious Island”. In our daily life, if we have not the spirit of exploration, we would not have the new achievements in new field.

In my opinion, we should learn from the film stars. No matter what job we have, we should have the spirit of exploration and take action by ourselves. As the saying goes “Real knowledge comes from practice.”
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