Reader's Response : "Blue Collar Brilliance"

Topics: Psychology, Problem solving, Learning Pages: 3 (758 words) Published: March 2, 2014
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December 2, 2013
Professor Gary Pullman
Readers Response 1: “Blue-Collar Brilliance”
In “Blue-Collar Brilliance,” Mike Rose observes his mother, Rosie and his mother’s brother, Joe, in their occupations(96). Rose explains how his mother uses complex learning strategies and adaptation to fully excel in her blue-collar occupation. Rose explains how Rosie devised elaborate memory strategies while grouping and sequencing tasks in her head to become more efficient to “make every move count (97). Rosie used critical thinking skills to solve problems that arose, at an instant while taking into account the emotional state of her co-workers. Rose explains how Rosie became fluent at reading social cues and managing feelings of the costumer’s and her own to increase her chances of getting a bigger tip. Rosie expresses, “There isn't a day that goes by in the restaurant that you don’t learn something”(97). Rosie used complex psychology as well as major critical thinking skills, without formal teaching, to exceed at her profession.

Rose then goes on to explain how Joe lacked formal knowledge but made up for with with hands on experience. As Joe worked on the assembly line and General Motors, he learned to be more efficient with his body by acquiring a set of routines that were quick but preserved his energy. Joe became a consummate multi-tasker while keeping a cool head under excruciating production schedules. Joe was able to study, up close, technological and social dynamics, machinery and production processes as well as paint chemistry. Because of this, Joe “not only

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solved problems but found problems to solve”(99). Joe states that the shop floor provided what school did not. “It was like Schooling. You’re constantly learning”(99). Rose contends certification of diverse intelligence does not result in a tender mind. To recognize and accept a wide range of intellectual capacity is to effectively apply cognitive thinking. A person must...
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