Reaction Paper

Topics: Ecology, Global warming, Ecosystem Pages: 2 (356 words) Published: August 2, 2012
ction paper
Reaction Paper

The play entitled ‘’Insect Talk’’ focused on the Global Warming issue and how it affects our ecosystem especially to insects.

After watching this play, some thoughts about the effects of global warming enter to my mind. The negative effects of global warming are numerous, and we hear about them all of the time. As the earth warms, insects can more easily migrate to new areas. This creates a huge problem for the local environments, because the animals and other insects living in the formerly colder places can’t adapt to the new species.

I also had my realizations about the real state of our environment because it is evidenced in the play that it shows there what kind of place does most of the insects in our biodiversity are now living in. Pollutions and improper waste disposal are some of the factor which destruct our biodiversity and definitely gives impact to the life cycle of insects.

It also shown the play how insects do when its climate is in bad condition, and what they do in order to survive. Insects like mosquitoes, flies and cockroaches are pests and will disrupt the food chain and alter species composition. Populations of insects like mosquitoes and beetles are growing much faster because of the warmer, wetter weather. If climate change continues at the pace it’s going now, these species could take over certain ecological regions.

Global warming will result in widespread species extinction. Some species will be able to migrate to cooler areas, some will adapt or evolve, and some will simply die out. One of the most important negative impacts on some species will be the change to food availability or a change to their ability either to hunt or avoid predators in a changing environment. 

From this play, I can say that I rarely learn again and I understand now how insects do reacts in the situation of climate change. Not only we people, who suffers from this, but insects, and our ecosystem are actually...
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