Reaching sustainable developement

Topics: Climate change, Global warming, Natural environment Pages: 6 (1251 words) Published: June 27, 2014
Nathan Schmitt
January 13th, 2014
Alvin Uscanga Duenas
Ethics & Values
Harkness Institute

How can sustainable development be achieved for all while addressing global climate change? The climate change is a consequence attributed directly or indirectly to the human activity that affects the global atmosphere that is also added by the natural changes. In the actuality, with the enormous development in industrialization and agricultural technology, we live very happy by being able to produce massive quantities of food and supplies to maintain the high demand. But also by doing this the secondary effect is that this technology depends in the natural resources, (as coal, petroleum, and natural gases), those which are not renewable and that release toxic gases to the atmosphere affecting the atmosphere and whole world. Climate change is also an indispensable resource for life, it maintains the balance between the nature and the living species, and maintains us alive by saving us from the UV rays form the sun and maintaining the oxygen and other gases in the earth that are indispensable for life. But the problem is that some of the human activities are affecting, this is known as environmental crisis, affects different aspects in the environment as: animals, plants, fertile land, air, water and human beings. Which can affect the way the nature behaves, making that it produces less resources, natural disasters, and contamination of land. This is a global problem, which means that affects any one. According to the “Millennium project” this problem is in the first place according to the 15 Global Challenges, and it is for an especial reason, because this affects all the following problems1 . To gain the balance that we want, we have to take conscience of what is required to do. It has to be a massive accordance between the nations and corporations to make a great impact and decrease the effect of the environmental crisis. We have to consider that the change will benefit equally to all the society and environment. Problem 1 – Society

With society we have to consider that the environmental crisis will affect the water and natural resources. Those are indispensable to have a good health. Water is the meaning of live, without water we may not exist, so we have to make conscience that this bring us to life and that we are killing it. By the throwing of toxic residues to the seas and gases to the atmosphere making the water of the oceans get much toxic, the ocean is the one who receives all the contamination and thanks to the evaporation of the seas that contamination reaches to the populated areas affecting the health of society. People is mainly affected by the toxicity of the water, thousands of people dies daily by ingesting polluted water in zones with poverty. Water is also the main carrier of bacteria’s and other toxics, because it´s easy to pollute, affecting the agricultural zones and infecting the food. With the consequence that the actual soil were the land has been remains polluted and unusable. Making people move to other areas because is useless to work those lands. Problem 2 – Economy

Climate change also affects temperature, making that in those areas were was cold changes to being hot. By the fast temperature changes nature is being affected. The fauna and the flora being to die because they are not prepared for those climate changes. But also this affects humans in the economy. By the decreasing of the icebergs and the rising of the seas by the global warming. It makes more evaporation of the water creating more natural disaster. According to Judy Weiss (2013), “The climate-related disasters in North America have increased by five in the last thirty years, costing billion in damages, said Munich Re, a reinsurance company. The record affects 60% of the United States putting it in another bad year.” Affecting with them environments affecting the flora and fauna. Making that the fishing, one of the most...

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