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Topics: Decision theory, Decision making, Real estate Pages: 1 (468 words) Published: July 25, 2014
July 23, 2014

1. Do a future-scenario: What business would you engage in if you were given an inheritance of 5 million pesos today? Why? How would you minimize the risks? If I were given an inheritance of 5 million pesos , I will be engage in leasing services to render services to the students, workers and families who need to lodge. Why? Because it is a good business to be engaged with for the reason that I can produce an additional profit while I am working. I will minimize the risks by being competitive and by ensuring that the house and rooms are well-cleaned, well-ventilated, no leaks, no clog sinks, and comfortable to live at. I will also build an apartment near the school and near in the workplaces. 2. Specify five objectives you would like to attain for yourself in this class by the end of the school year. Are these objectives measurable? 1. Learn new things, ideas, theories and many more. 2. Learn how to manage organization or a business efficiently and effectively. 3. Right decision making in various situations and risks it may take. 4. To make an appropriate plan on a certain business or an organization I will be engage. 5. To know how to be competitive despite of all the risks and challenges in the field of business. These objectives are measurable through conducting tests to know whether I learn or not. 3. Describe the present business environment in the country today. Use various sources and references: newspaper articles, magazine reports, official government...
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