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Investigative Report Questionnaires

Below, you’ll see two copies of the questionnaire. Complete all of the questions on each questionnaire for each of the organizations you investigate (in other words, fill out both questionnaires). Answering all of the questions will help you research each organization thoroughly. Send this assignment to the Digital Dropbox on Blackboard, using the following naming convention: Week_ yourlastname yourfirstinitial (example: week 1_smith t_questionnaires)

Questionnaire 1
What is your name?
Jared Brown
What is the name of the target company/grad school?
University of Chicago 
Has the company posted a job for which you want to apply, or might you want to apply to the company “unsolicited”? (If you’re applying for a specific job, print out the information and hand it in with this worksheet.). If this is a graduate school, do they have a program in which you are interested? They have a Social Work program

What does the company do? What products or services does it provide? If this is a graduate school, what is the school best known for? They are ranked #3 in the nation and have a rating of 4.2 for the social work program Where is the company (or grad school) and what is the contact information? Does the company (school) have one branch or several? Local, national or international? (Yes, some schools do have more than one branch.)  Chicago, IL

Admissions Phone:
(773) 702-1492
Admissions E-mail:
Admissions Website:

How many employees are in the company – total and in the branch you would be working for? If this is a graduate school, how large is the school? How many faculty? How many students?  The enrollment 5,238

What division would you be working for if you were part of the company? If this is a grad school, what department would you be in? Social sciences
Who would be your immediate supervisor (or, if...
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