Quality Education, the Need of the Hour in the Societ

Topics: Human Development Index, Psychology, Education Pages: 2 (484 words) Published: September 12, 2013
What is education?
Education is an act or process of educating to give intellectual, moral and social instruction. It is a formal and prolonged process. It is also a development of character or mental powers which decides the future of an individual. Why do we need education?

With the advancement of science and technology, the world scenario and the environment have changed. In order to fit and survive with the changing world, one has to educate himself. One cannot survive with the traditional systems and cultures whenits surroundings are already in the stage of computerization i.e., advanced technology. We have to catch and absorbed ourself with the changing technologies.

Education for what?
The human development report of 1993 turned the economic growth of the developed countries as “jobless growth” with adverse consequences. While we pride ourselves as processing a large stock of high quality manpower, the critical index of development will be the number of job created in relation to the population. Both extensive job creation and urgent population and social harmony. Considering the limited scope for extensive job creation in the government job only is likely to end in frustration. NGO’s & Self supporting enterprise:- the Government of india has recently developed a policy to encourage youth in the development works through Non-government organizations or throught self supporting schemes. There are several projects under the government of india which could be taken up by educated unemployed youth for the development of specifies areas. For implementing such project, one needs quality educated youth. Education should be taken as the only means to secure Government job. (the wise man/educated man should build his house upon the solid rocks). Economics of Education:- it is painful to see some youth who have considered himself educated but could not compete others and could not do anything good...
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