Qualities of a Successful Person

Topics: Knowledge, Communication, Epistemology Pages: 1 (371 words) Published: April 15, 2012
3. What are the necessary qualities of a successful person in modern society? Explain why specific qualities are essential to achieve success? Modern society requires high standarts and preparation. Being a successful person and making this success last in this society is not easy. Eventhough the ‘definition’ of success varies from a profession to another, there are some essential qualities that should be present in every successful person. The first quality is persistence. When someone knows what he really wants, he should focus on this goal and be commited to achieve it. For example: If the goal is: to get a promotion, the person must work hard everyday. Even if this person doesn’t get the promotion the first time,, it’s important not to let go, to focus even more, to work even harder. The second quality of a successful person is self-confidence. It’s important for someone to belive that Yes, he/she can do it! The third important quality is flexibility. A person should be able to adapt himself to the constant changing demands of the environment. To illustrate: If technology in the workplace changes, the employee should learn how to use the new technology in order to increase his productivity at work, or if the CEO changes and new procedures are applied, a seccessful person is the one who gets used quicker with the new way the company is operating. Another essantial quality is knowledge. A person should be very knowledgeable in his profession. If you’re an academic, perhaps deep knowledge of the subject is the only required quality to be successful and well-known. What is more, a person who wants to be successful must know how to effectively communicate with the others. Very good communication skills can even make a person charismatic, and this is especially important in jobs that involve working and being in touch with a lot of people. Last, a little bit of scepticism must be present. To summerize, persistence, self-confidence, flexibility, knowledge and...
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