Qualities of a Cultured Man

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Essay on qualities of a cultured man
It is very difficult to answer the question that a really cultured man is. But there are various qualities of head and heart which distinguish a cultured man. Pt. Nehru had once said that a cultured person has the capacity to understand the point of view of other people and also to make him understood by others. Nehru's idea of cultured man is very apt and accurate. A cultured man always keeps a friendly approach to life and the various problems associated with life. He is above all prejudices and never indulges himself in trifles. He has wonderful tact to turn any traffic. He has wonderful fact to turn any occasion of friction and quarrel into one of co¬operation and friendship. His broad mindedness adds to his quality. He is kind and considerate and remains alert all the time. For the weak and the suffering, he keeps immense sympathy and is always ready to give them a helping hand without hesitation. He avoids doing or saying anything which may hurt their feelings. A truly cultured man always lives in contact with the best that has been said and thought in the world. He is unselfish and is always ready to sacrifice for a good cause. A cultured man is educated in the true sense. By learning he not only acquires knowledge but wisdom too. He better knows when and where knowledge should be applied. He keeps his wisdom always at the top of all and never let it overcome by anything. He reads and re-reads the best that has been written not only in his own mother tongue but also in other languages. Then he ponders long and deep over what he has read. This enables him to examine critically the views of the various writers and if he agrees with those views he tries to act upon them. His deep quality study makes him able to judge in any situation. It also enables him to correct his own errors. A truly cultural man is never criticized by others. It is because he is just and honest and reliable. He finds greatest pleasure in removing...
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