Propose Ways in Which Lifelong Learning in Personal and Professional Contexts Could Be Encouraged

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You need to evaluate how successful you have been in achieving your learning objectives and why, and what you have learned. There are various areas of learning. The four major ones you need to be aware of are set out below: Knowledge:

This involves learning about something/someone; it concerns an increase in the scope and depth of what you know in terms of both facts and concepts, and includes learning about yourself as well as the organisation. Skills

This involves learning to do something, an increase in the range of activities you can perform and/or the degree of expertise with which you perform these activities. Attitudes:

This concerns a recognition of the manner in which you approach to tasks/people/change and so on, an evaluation of the effectiveness of your approach, and where appropriate, an attempt to modify your approach. Emotions:

The focus here is how you feel about the variety of experiences you undergo, the extent to which you can expose these feelings and learn to manage them in a positive way. Thus, rather than avoiding experiences which induce negative feelings, such as making oral presentations, and thereby reducing your learning opportunities, you become involved and learn to deal with the situation and your emotional response to it. Whilst any learning will usually involve a mixture of the four areas outlined above, you need to be able to distinguish between them if you are to effectively analyse your learning. In respect of individual learning, you should, for example, consider how you have developed your skills and knowledge, and become more aware of your attitudes and emotions. In the former category, you may wish...
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