Project Proposal: Effects of Climate Change

Topics: Global warming, Climate change, Effects of global warming Pages: 4 (1322 words) Published: April 19, 2008
Project Proposal: Effects of Climate Change
The final research paper generated from the Project Proposal: Effects of Climate Change will discuss the question, what Americans can do to reduce climate change health effects? Various research publications by credible sources advise, global warming climate change has an affect on human health. Climate change and the impact on human health can be connected through direct or indirect variables. The Importance

I feel as though if we start at a young age then we will encourage more young people to start making some positive changes in their lives. This is an important issue to me because global warming is an issue that just about everyone. Not enough people take the climate change situation serious and many seem to think one can not be affected. The reader should take the climate situation as an important topic in one’s life due to climate change will affect the living situation of their children, grandchildren, the seriousness of health impacts and environment circumstances. and will very much affect our children’s children. Historical, Social, and Cultural Perspectives

There are different historical, social, and cultural perspectives surrounding the question on, what Americans can do to reduce climate change health effects. Numerous sources state, prior to industrial revolution, the least amount gases were released into the earth’s atmosphere by human activity. Since the industrialization period, man put into place the noticeable rapid beginnings of the ever-growing situation. The research community state, humans are being affected by the introduction into the atmosphere the increased levels and different mixtures of the burning of various fossil fuels, rapidly increasing population, and deforestation. Native American cultures feel as though the rapid modifications on mother earth is harmful to plants, animals and humans. Groups of Interest

There are different groups interested in reducing climate change health...
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