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Topics: Greenhouse gas, Climate change, Carbon dioxide Pages: 54 (2867 words) Published: March 6, 2015



1. Title of the project : SUPER GREENHOUSE GAS 2. Language : English
3. Name of the Group leader : R. Sukanthan
4. Date of birth, Age & Sex : 02.03.1998, 16 yrs & Male. 5. Class : XI standard
6. Permanent Address : 10A, Kamadhenu Nagar,
Villupuram 7. School Address : E.S. Matric. Hr. Sec School, 25/1, Mambazapattu Road, Villupuram 605602.


1. Name and Class : K.S. Gautham & XI
Date of Birth, Age & Sex : 20.09.1998, 16Yrs. & Male Address : No.12A, Advocate nagar, Vandimedu, Villupuram.

2. Name and Class : S. Vishva & XI
Date of Birth, Age & Sex : 31.12.1998, 16Yrs. & Male Address : No.12/6 2nd street, Arumuga layout,K.K.Road, Villupuram.

3. Name and Class : D.R.Logeshwaran, & XI Date of Birth, Age & Sex : 21.02.1999, 15Yrs. & Male Address : No.23,Veypillai street, kamala kanappan nagar, Villupuram.

4. Name and Class : D.Mukesh & XI
Date of Birth, Age & Sex : 02.06.1998, 16Yrs. & Male Address : No.593/A,Manikam Layout Indira Nagar, Villupuram.


25/1, Mambazhapattu Road,
Villupuram – 605 602


1. Contents
2. Form – A
3. Abstract
4. Problems in our country
5. Causes
6. Aim
7. Introduction
8. Objectives and need statements
9. Hypothesis
Physical properties of CF3SF5
Chemical properties of CF3SF5
Chemical reaction of CF3SF5
Structure of CF3SF5
Effects of CF3SF5
Source of production
Measures to eradicate CF3SF5
10. Observation
11. Data analysis
12. Result
13. Conclusion
14. Inference
15. Suggestion to the problem
16. Follow up action
17. Social awareness
18. Graphs
19. Photographs and paper clippings
20. Acknowledgement
21. Reference


Our project titled “SUPER GREENHOUSE GAS” aims to mitigate the effects of various greenhouse gases in our environment. Many inventions and methods have been developed to reduce the harmful effects of the common greenhouse gases such as CO, CO2 , SO2, N2O and hydrocarbons etc,.

Many people think that CO, CO2, SO2, N2O and hydrocarbons etc, are the only greenhouse gases but there are several other greenhouse gases which is unknown to many people. One of such gas is Trifluoro Methyl Sulphur Pentafluoride. This gas is considered to be one of the potent greenhouse gases.

That’s why our project aims to create a huge awareness to the people who are still not yet aware about such harmful gases. Immediate action should be taken because an unlikely future is detected if the amount of this gas increases in the atmosphere.

Although global warming has been an issue of contention in the past, it is now generally agreed upon by the scientific community that the observed increased global temperatures can be linked to anthropogenic activities. Global surface temperature has increased 0.500C within the past century. This compound, trifluoro methyl sulfur pentafluoride (CF3SF5), is considered to be one of several super greenhouse gases, and because of its recent detection in the atmosphere, there is a relatively limited amount of literature available on CF3SF5. This review...
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