Profeth (Professional Ethics with Values Formation)

Topics: Morality, Ethics, Religion Pages: 4 (899 words) Published: July 31, 2011
Ethics is derived from the Greek word ETHOS which means “characteristic way of living”. Its Latin equivalent is mos, mores, meaning “tradition of custom”. Ethos includes mannerisms, religion, politics, law and social aspirations of a group of people.

Ethics is defined as the science of the morality of human acts. Ethics is the study of human motivation, and ultimately, of human rational behaviour. That aspect of subject matter which primarily interests Ethics is MORALITY.

Human Acts are those actions performed by man knowingly, and freely. They are also called deliberate or intentional actions, or voluntary actions. That makes it different from the so called Acts of Man which are instinctive and involuntary.

Morality is the quality of human acts by which they are constituted as good, bad or indifferent. They are manifestation of one’s character or moral conduct. A person who has the habit or inclination to do good is said to be VIRTUOUS. One who has the habit of doing wrong is VICIOUS.

Ethics is the rational foundation of any attempt at Value Education. Ethics goes deeper into tyh reasons why we must choose certain values. Ethics explain human values in relation to the ultimate purpose of human existence.

The Art of Correct Living
Art is the appreciation of beauty. It implies order and harmony of parts in a given whole.

Importance of Ethics
Ethics is an indispensable knowledge. Without moral perception, man is only an animal. Without morality, man as a rational being is a failure.

Moral integrity is the only true measure of what man ought to be. Morality is the foundation of every human society. Without morality, communities perish; without personality, their survival has no value.

Two Ethical System
a) The Atheistic approach assumes that only matter exists and that man is responsible only to himself since there is no God who create sand...
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