Professional Ethics

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Profession – Calling, vocation, job, employment , occupation > work – any job

Requires commitment to a socially relevant mission based on a relialable foundation of knowledge.

Professional is a person commited to server society through expert application of specialized skills based on an organized body of credible knowledge in accordance to law or code of ethics.

2 Assumption of Ethics

Human is a Rational Being - Power of Reasoning

Man is free – man is free according to his own will


- Acts of a Professional

- An honorific word

- Technical expertise with moral integrity


1. Commitment to a socially relevant mission

2. Mastery of specialized skills

3. Scientific basis

4. Ethical behavior (legal & moral)

Characteristics of the Professional

1. Dynamic – expert to learn, improve

2. Responsible – feels accountable for work

3. Ethical/Virtues – with moral uprightous for abiding parties industry.

Working with Quality | train to work with quality

Poor Quality – Lack Efficecny

From specialized body and knowledge

Professional > Expert || based on experience || commitment to server the society || because there are clients or customers that need to be served.

Expertise = involves skills

Pro Ethics = values & virtue

Ethics - Moral character, study of methods and principles in applying wrong to right

Work Ethics - is a set of values based on hard work and diligence

Importance of Ethics

Ethics employs the marvellous faculty of human reason upon the supremely important question of what an upright life is and must be. It is therefore a noble and important science.

2 Forms of Acts

Human Act-rational act ( Done by purpose , delibrate , voluntary or in other words done by


Act of Man-acts performed by human beings without advertence , or without the exercies of free choice(Involuntary, unintentionally)

- Non moral ( in other words it mybe either moral or immoral act).

Do’er of the action – it could also means instituion, or individual person it is also called phyiscal object of ethics. (Moral Agent)

Act done by do’er – act done by the do’er of the action

Propriety – Dressing in a write occasion

Example :

Doer PHYS | |None Physical

Pedro commited adultery.

|Code of ethics |
|moral law |
|Statutory laws |
|instituonal |
|Social etiquettes |

Classification of Human Acts

1. Moral ethical acts

- Conform to stands of norms behavior/morality

2. Immoral or unethical acts

- Deviation / Violation

Nonmoral/Amoral/Neutral – Natural acts, neither bad or good.

Civilization - makes man refined into a truly human person

Components of Morality

- Object of the Act (Moral Sensitivity)

How is it going to End (perceived good).

- Circumstances

The Means of the end of act. ( Or How The Act Was Done)

- Motive of the Act

Motivation to behave morally must be an intentional.

2 Spiritual Powers of Man

- Intellect

- Will (Control, Choosing, Loving, Decide)

Objects of the Will

• Goodness

Object of the Intellect

• Truth

The means did not justfy the means

Performing a emergency Maintenance


- To improve the service


- Even There are still customer using the Network

Charactristics of a Human Act

- Deliberate

- Voluntary

- Consious

Next Lessons : Forms of Ethics / Kinds of Ethics

Normative Ethics / Descriptive Ethics

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