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Process Essay / 21.05.2013
English Is the Language of the World
Globalization is getting important in the world but it creates some problems. One of the biggest problems is common language. For this reason, people need mutual language to communicate with each other. English is global language and every single person must learn English who wants to be a part of globalization. Learning English is not simple but with this purpose, there are some steps to do while learning English. Primarily taking a course, secondly use English skills in daily life and finally travel abroad for using these language skills. First, start with taking courses in your home country because structure of the vocabulary and sentences is the core of a language. For this reason, at the beginning grammar is the most important part of a language. After that, writing and reading skills start to develop in this course. Teachers know how to teach and they use materials, which are beneficial in the learning process. People have to give enough attention for the materials and exercises. On the other hand, participation in these classes are crucial points to improve listening skills. The second important point is using English in people’s daily lives. Generally, people struggle in English especially at the beginning of the learning process. Some are not familiar and they need more practice, due to lack of daily life use of the language and it’s a little bit different when learning in a class. People can solve this problem while watching films with subtitles. If people watch films, they can easily find some strange words and some sayings, which are not taught at class. These words and sayings are necessary for daily life. From a different point, listening to music also develops this property. Knowledge of words is a significant point to speak a new language. If someone does not know the meaning of a word, knowledge of the grammar...
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