Problem Analysis and Decision-Making Technique

Topics: Secretary, Receptionist, Decision theory Pages: 4 (1122 words) Published: December 6, 2012
Part III: Problem Analysis and Decision-Making Technique
Currently, Heitman is experiencing a receptionist problem that needs to be addressed. Our team has been made aware of the problem, analyzed the problem, and is now determining three alternative solutions to the problem. Additionally, we will use a decision-making technique to analyze the three alternatives to decide the best solution, and then identify three influences of that choice. Problem Analysis Survey and Graph

In order for our team to properly determine three possible solutions to Heitman’s problem, we must first analyze the facts framing the problem. About 5 years ago, Heitman’s corporate office had five floors containing 565 employees. At that time is was necessary to have two receptionists to handle the high volume of calls and traffic in the lobby. Now, they currently have 245 employees and only two floors, so the option of keeping just one receptionist is a possibility. We created a questionnaire for the receptionist, to get an idea of the current visitor and call flow compared to 5 years ago when there was two receptionists. The results from the graph below allow us to determine alternative solutions to the problem. [pic]

Alternative 1
After analyzing the results of the graph, we decided that the first alternative would be to hire a seasonal temp. The questionnaire that we conducted also asked questions such as which are the busiest days of the week, how busy is the front desk during the different seasons, and the how busy is it during the holidays. With those questions, we found out that the front desk is very busy during the end of the week, only during Christmas time (which is the end of the year), and during the winter time. The call volume and number of visitors seems to slow down during the other holidays and the warmer months. Therefore, a possible solution to hiring another full-time receptionist is to hire a seasonal temp to fill in during Christmas time (December) and during...

References: DeJanasz, S., Dowd, O. K., & Schneider, B. (2002). Interpersonal skills in organizations. New York: McGraw-Hill.
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