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Role Of Teachers In Child's Development At The Primary School Level

“If you have knowledge, let others light their candles at it. “ ~Margaret Fuller Every paradox of life is the product of its heredity and environment. where each is necessary to the result as the other. Neither of them can be eliminated or isolated. Education is an environmental force which influences a child's life dominantly.

Education by all norms is an endeavor, to mould and shape the behaviour of the pupil, with an aspiration to produce desirable changes in the child for the all around development.The crucial design of education is to transform the conduct of the child according to the needs and expectancy of the society.

Teaching is a people profession that appeals a large proportion of time being devoted to personal interaction. Positive teacher-student relationships are believed to be necessary for effective teaching and learning to take place. Effective teachers are those who, in addition to being skilled at teaching, are attuned to the human dimension of classroom life and can foster positive relationships with their students. But what is meant by positive teacher-student relationships? Why are teacher-student relationships important and how are they to be measured?

Positive teacher-student relationships are characterised by mutual acceptance, understanding, warmth, closeness, trust, respect, care and cooperation. The success of any interpersonal relationship is dependent to a large extent upon input from both parties. In the classroom setting, it is the teacher who has the opportunity, and indeed, the responsibility, to initiate positive interpersonal relationships. The teacher who is pro-active in demonstrating acceptance, understanding, warmth, closeness, trust, respect, care and cooperation towards his or her students not only works at initiating positive teacher-student relationships, but also increases the likelihood of building strong relationships that will endure over time.

Teacher-student relationships are important for many reasons. It greatly influence a student’s ability to adjust to school, to do well at school, and to relate to peers. It has an impact on classroom management and affect learning progress. From a developmental perspective, the establishment of a positive teacher-student relationship aids a student’s cognitive,social and emotional growth and enhances their mental well-being. Stable relationship has an positive impact on a student’s developing sense of self and promote resiliency in them. Furthermore,the benefits of positive teacher-student relationships extend to teachers, contributing to an improved sense of job satisfaction.

Past research on teacher-student relationships has focused heavily on instructional aspects of the relationship, and largely ignored the social and emotional aspects. As such, research into social and emotional aspects is relatively new. This study, helps to address this gap in the research by identifying key social and emotional aspects of the teacher-student relationship from the literature and exploring these in more detail. The three key social and emotional aspects of the teacher-student relationship that have been identified for inclusion in the present study are connectedness, availability and communication.

There are many aspects that influence the quality and nature of personal relationships and, specifically in this study, relationships between teachers and students in the primary school. A complete understanding of how these aspects influence teachers’ relationships with students is likely to be very complex. To fully understand the interconnections between all possible aspects would be very involved, and is beyond the scope of this study. However, it is possible to simplify these connections by creating a theoretical model and building into it a selected number of aspects that are considered most important. This simplified model provides an understanding of the...
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