Pre Writing

Topics: Family, Grandparent, Mother Pages: 2 (771 words) Published: June 23, 2013
Pre writing

November 2009, a moment in my life will never be forgotten. My day started off as it usually would. Started my morning off with a nice warm shower, brushed my teeth and picked out my outfit for the day. That weekend I was so excited to travel to the Bronx New York to spend time with family and friends. My best friend picked me up from my mom’s house and then down to the gas station as I’m pumping the gas I see my best friend walking towards the car with serious face. As he approached the car while I’m pumping the gas he told me that my mom was trying to call my cell phone. I called my mom and I say “hello”. I was so confused to why she answered the phone with a sad voice. She replies “Jon I’m sorry? Your great grandmother passed away?” I said “NO SHE DIDN’T SHE KNOWS IM GOING TO SEE HER THIS WEEKEND! NO MOM NO that’s not true”. I quickly hung up and called my grandmother Amy phone but, there was no answer. Then I get a call back from my grandmother. She answers “I’m sorry son.” Me scared and confused “Grandma! Grandma it’s me Jon Where’s abuela? Put Abuela on the phone.” she takes a deep breath and I hear her crying “I’m sorry Jon I’m so sorry for your lost.” I start to cry, feel sick and my heart feels heavy, “What no this is not abuela we are talking about! This not funny put her on the phone grandma.” she replies “Jon like I said I’m sorry. The family is meeting up at the hospital to talk.” She hung up. I looked at my best friend and he seen my face as I began to breath heavy even harder and cry more and more he grabbed me and rubbed my back and told me “I’m sorry everything will be ok”. We begin the drive back to my mom house. The drive back to my mom house I told my best friend to pull over and let me catch my breath. My heart felt so heavy. I got back into the car and called my mom and told her that I was on the way home and I cried all the way home.

November 2009, an exciting day became the most heart breaks of my life. I...
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