Politics in the English Language

Topics: Democracy, State, Political philosophy Pages: 2 (662 words) Published: May 11, 2012
Orwell (1903-1950) was a man who believed that English (whether used good or bad according to his rules) was essentially a political act. Orwell also exclaimed that if people wrote by his standards, people would be more conscious of their political statements. Throughout this essay five essential questions will be analyzed and answered.“How can English usage be construed as political?” If we think about how English is used in politics, then we can find the answer to our essential question. English is used to confuse others when their understanding is not as merely close to the one who uses it. For example, in 2004 more than ninety thousand people in North Carolina thought they voted for president but actually voted for a straight party. This proves that “bad English” along with a confusing ballot can influence political parties and offices. Orwell also mentions “bad” English, but in its rhetoric what is “bad English?” How and why do people use “bad” English to achieve certain political or social ends? “Bad” English to Orwell is using words that are upper level and using foreign phrases, but it serves the same purpose which is to confuse people. If voters are illiterate to “bad” English then politicians can manipulate voters in to whatever they want. In another context I can say that “bad” English can make people move up social positions. For instance you manage to associate with the Mayor of Charlotte and end up meeting the Governor due to your “bad” English. Orwell despises the way government and political parties enforce “bad” English which brings us to our next essential question. “Why is Orwell particularly harsh on the language of governments and political parties?” Orwell explains that our thoughts are foolish and our...
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