Political Biography

Topics: Sociology, Knowledge, Ideology Pages: 4 (1607 words) Published: October 23, 2010
Conor Samuels
9 March 2010
Professor Simon
PSC 101

Political Autobiography
In my life I have never had any political enforcement or strict religious influence. My parents were very lenient when it came too political preaching. I was taught to be a caring and respectful individual. My political understanding and beliefs have been molded from my early political memories and socialization experiences. As a young adult I have always strived to become knowledgeable about political ideals mainly because I was never really taught to believe in something specific. I eventually was drawn towards many different social and political perspectives, which is how I came to a logical conclusion of how I view the world politically today. I have established a solid although ever evolving conceptualization of politics and society due to my family's influence and my early high school political experience.

As a child I was not taught that a specific political ideology was superior to another. My parents were both democrats and believed that I should be pointed in the right direction in relation to politics but they did not want to have a huge influence on how I understood the world politically. Instead of forcing me to believe something that I had little control over, my parents let me explore political ideals on my own. I wasn't left out in the wind when it comes to politics however I was not entirely influenced by only their understanding of the world socially and politically. All children are in some way influenced by their family’s political understanding. If an individual is told that some ideology is superior to another then that is all they will understand. I was raised in a way that I had to view many different perspectives in order to create my own. I remember being taught basic principles of decency such as self-responsibility, honesty, integrity, strength, courage, and humaneness. It was from these ideals in which I created my own political...
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