Poli 3001 Essay. China and the United States.

Topics: Communism, Communist state, Marxism Pages: 5 (1470 words) Published: March 9, 2009
The relations involving China and the United States are a hot subject matter in the humankind as China, one of the world’s oldest civilizations with the largest inhabitants, and the US on the other hand, one of the world’s youngest civilizations with the strongest financial system, are not only vital for the two countries but also for the future growth of the whole world. One of the main reasons for the complexity and the disagreement between China and the US relations is the inequality of the common foreign political approach. The ideological inconsistency additionally explains why the US has constantly taken China as its opponent rather than an associate. This essay will discuss on the different types of government systems and political ideologies that China and the US are practicing.

The births of the US civilization lie in a mixture of liberalism and individualism but it slowly further defined by its freedom, civil rights and republic standards. Dissonant voices are commonly heard in the US due to its inconsistency and disorganized attitude towards its political system, which is inconceivable and approximately not possible in China. In the US, libertarianism is most popular and researchers show that one out of five Americans have libertarian views. Libertarianism refers to the ownership of one’s life, and that includes assets and civil rights regardless whether it is physical or intangible. However, the US is actually a republic, not a democracy nation. In short, democracy is where the government allows the people to make political decisions directly through meeting or voting, whereas republic is where people choose their own representative who helps them to fight for political decisions on their behalf. There are many different types of republics; however it is usually the president who holds the utmost power and authority in most present republic. Nevertheless, there are both the pros and cons effects of the republics. Republics usually allow the people to have significantly extra freedom of speech when compared to other governments as the representatives have to ensure the satisfaction of the people in order to win voting during the election and to stay in power. However, this will also leads to instability in the country as representatives might be changing frequently when people feel or think that their requirements do not reach their standards. In additional, racial discrimination might occur which results in prejudice towards other minor races in the nation when majority vote representatives of their own race. Not forgetting the negative impacts on the society, educational scheme will be replaced with higher standards or requirements in order to match up with other republic nations.

No doubt that China is a communist state but that does not indicate that there is merely one party in the state. The term communist state is generally used to describe a nation that is under control by the communist party. On the other hand, the fundamental nature of the Chinese civilization is originated from family warmth and connection and this is something that is beyond the understanding for the US. In Marxist ideologies, it is very much believed that when everyone in the state is equal in term of status and wealth, which is supposed to be the world communism. China is different from other one party system nation because they abide by the Marist-Leninism ideologies closely, which means that every representatives must be nominated by the people and proposition can be discussed. At the same time, there are also the pros and cons on the communist state. Communist state believes that communism has resolved the gap that links the poor and the rich, creating equal opportunities to everyone and also to ensure better health care and living standards. Although economy planning is beneficial and important for a state but it will also leads to negative effects, such as the China’s Great Leap which affected the agriculture industries...
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