Poetry and Natural Weather Bring

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Late November Analysis

The poem Late November by Archibald Lampman has 14 lines in total and uses an Italian, or Petrachan styled rhyming scheme of a-b-b-a, a-c-c-a. d-e-f-f-e-d. The first two stanzas seem to be following the octet rule but the later part seems to be a sestet with a wrapped pattern of rhyming. It is difficult to define if this poem is narrative or descriptive as the author later puts himself into his own description of the environment, but for the majority the poem is rather descriptive as it introduces the characteristics of the forest, cold season and the changes these natural weather bring to the people.

Many uses of figurative language can be found in this story. Personification is used frequently on the environment such as the forest and the woodmen’s carts, using verbs to put them in action. Imagery is also used frequently, especially ones relating to sight, such as the golden-gray carts, whitening field and the gleaming village lamps. The woodmen’s carts are important symbols in this poem, symbolizing the work load of the ploughman and their daily late dismissal at work, signalled by the darkening of the sky in late November.

The main theme of this poem is probably the relationship between the weather and humans. It especially describes the winter, when the trees of the forests are leafless and the snow is very thick. As the ploughman and lumberjacks head home, their carts look especially outstanding in a field of white snow. In the end, the night is darkened and it is very windy outside, and the author alone watches this cold weather.

The Destination
The destination
That we believe in reaching
Is never the same.
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