Plato: Knowledge, and immortality of the soul

Topics: Mind, Soul, Plato Pages: 2 (611 words) Published: November 21, 2013
Plato: Knowledge, and Immortality of the Soul
Reading this selection was a bit confusing since Socrates is the one who is talking and not Plato himself, I quickly realize that Plato was a pupil of Socrates so it would only make sense to explain your beliefs through the words of the very person who instilled this truth within you. To start off, I would like to bring up “The Divided Line”. The diagram shown first divides, to my understanding, the world as it is from the world as we perceive it. It then divides them into two subcategories, dividing the world as it is, or the “visible” world into, real objects and ideas or the imagination, shadows. The world as we perceive it, which is the intelligible world, is also divided into intelligence and knowledge otherwise known as lower forms and the good. To me, this division does not clarify distinction between the two. We’ll never really know the world as it really is since we’re limited to our senses and to what we can only see or hear. We’re dependent on our perception because they are what shapes us and what makes us draw conclusions and gain knowledge, therefore I believe the division is not clear. They both go hand in hand though, that’s for sure, and I just think dividing them into two worlds really throws off the reader. The allegory of the cave was very interesting to me, and sort of ironic how the one who was freed and finally seen the world for how it really is or “the truth” is shunned by his people, the very people who he also shared his previous misconceptions with. It just really points out how today or any other point in history, the one person who actually makes a breakthrough or takes a step closer to the truth is deemed insane or a fool, the ignorance that people sometimes have astounds me. Throughout history the “truth bearer” is often cast away or expunged from society, why is that? Is it because the people simply can’t handle the truth? Do their egos simply get in the way of accepting it?...
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