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Computer ethics is a set of moral values that have been set up to regulate the behaviors of individuals. Making computer ethic principles that have been set up to help control the use of computers easier to use. Software piracy is when someone steals someone else’s software. Computer ethics does not allow software piracy techniques. There are products on the Internet that cause harm to artists. When an artist creates a product, they expect payment in return. Linux, a software company online, provides a free service so people can use it instead of Microsoft Office. When a person uses a software license more then the intended product, this is just like stealing.

Plagiarism could be considered to be a number of things. It is considered plagiarism when someone copies someone else’s work, when they fail to put quotation marks around a quote, and then fail to cite the source. Someone might also just try to change the words of a quote or source, just so they do not have to give credit. People can avoid all of these problems if they can do one easy step. They need to cite their sources. If they can do this easy step, they will keep themselves from plagiarizing anything.

When you are using the Internet other people expect you to follow certain rules of etiquette. On the Internet, it is called netiquette. Netiquette is the social and moral code that people follow when they use the Internet. There are rules that have been set up help make the Internet a safe place for everyone to use. People expect you to identify yourself, include a subject line, avoid sarcasm, not send junk mail, use appropriate language, and to respect others’ privacy. When talking to someone in an email, you do not want to use all caps; they might think they are being yelled at. It is...
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