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1.How did PVF go about developing its information systems? Why do you think the company chose this option? What other options were available? The PVF took process-oriented approach in developing its information systems. As the company started to grow bigger he had lot of sales and lot of data’s coming in to store. He organized the company into functional areas like manufacturing, sales, orders, accounting and purchasing. Since, the process-oriented approach provides benefits such as task structuring in the form of workflow and the ability to simulate processes prior to their execution. PVF would choose this option so that they can study their plan and even predict the outcome of the plan. The other reason to choose this option might be the cost efficiency since; they were developing the software by themselves. The other option available were purchase software from a vendor, outsource the job to some information system company and use open source software.

2.One option available to PVF was an enterprise wide system. What features does an enterprise-wide system, such as SAP, provide? What is the primary advantage of an enterprise-wide system?

Enterprise – wide system such as SAP, provide the ability to collect and distribute the information across the organization. This system uses a common database across the organization so that everyone can access the same information. This system helps to reduce the data redundancy. The primary advantage of the SAP is that it reduces the cost of ownership of software, improves security and speed up the arrangement. Company can also reduce their cost in internal communication by sharing same database and not sending fax, email within the organization. It is easy to monitor sales, revenues, costs and item information since all the data are stored in database of the company through this system.

3. PVF will be hiring two system analysts next month. Your task is to develop a job advertisement for these positions. Locate...
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