Philosophy. Theories of Knowledge. What Is Wrong the Claim That Knowledge Is True Judgment (or Belief)?

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Justin Coiscou PHI 332
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What is wrong the claim that knowledge is true judgment (or belief)?

What is knowledge? What is truth? How can we really know for sure if one judgment holds more truth than another? My theory of knowledge is information passed on from one person to the next. Before I am able to answer the above questions I have asked, the question of this idea that is true knowledge must be defined first. Knowledge can be any new piece of information that I come across daily. The coin phrase “you learn something new everyday” came from the most modest definition of knowledge that I know. So simple it does sound that knowledge is information. A person can have more knowledge than the next and that is how knowledge is spread around. It is up to me to decide if what I hear is truly knowledge. It is up to my on belief or judgment of what is said to me. The claim that knowledge is true judgment is not even true itself. It is impossible to know all truths and impossible to trust that everything I hear is true even if I judge it that way.

The Ideas of knowledge and belief go together very well. My theory that knowledge is new information can not be possible without what I am hearing to either be true or false and it is up to me to judge it to be either true or false. If I believe it to be true does not always mean it is true, rather meaning whoever spoke this to me was very convincing of their truth. Knowledge is much more than just true judgment. Knowledge is sacred. The spread of knowledge for the human race has grown traditionally over the years. You can learn from your parents, you can learn from your teachers, and now today with technology we have a source of infinite knowledge.

Now today the most common source of knowledge is through the search from computers. Computers are the direct link between humans and technology. Humans created the computer source and designed it to be a tool for learning. With a computer the best way to search for knowledge is through the Internet. For the most part it is understood that what can be found on the computer through Internet searching is to be true. I say for the most part because what is also true about the internet is that not everything posted to the internet is true. The main source of knowledge used today via Internet searching is called a “Google” search. Google is an infinite source of knowledge that is used for searching for any piece of information. This is a reliable source of true knowledge. The belief that this source is true knowledge rather than knowledge itself is true judgment, knowledge is just information.

People now attend school because they want to learn. The perception of what is being taught in school is always believed to be true knowledge. People are always seeking knowledge or to learn something new. Certain people whom have more knowledge on a certain subject matter we elect to teach this knowledge to others. The person elected to teach is not teaching “true judgment” but they are teaching true knowledge or relaying information from person to person. The person elected to teach this wisdom would never teach something that is false so there would be no judgment of what is learned from them other than it is true. Knowledge is a tangible thing it can easily be identified. People will always judge whether something is true or not but you must consider that judgment of knowledge to be separate from what knowledge itself is.

Religion is an example of the spread of a belief. Religious beliefs are true to its followers and sometimes false to those that do not follow such religions. The people that spread religious beliefs are not spreading knowledge or saying that what they believe is right or wrong, they just want others to follow what they believe. When calling knowledge true belief we are not defining knowledge because people may choose to believe in different things and there can...
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