Philosophical Analysis on Different Movies

Topics: Morality, Sexual intercourse, Human Pages: 9 (3505 words) Published: June 26, 2012
Franklin J. Manao March 4, 2011 BS Industrial Pharmacy Dr. Paula Sioco Philosophy I

Reaction Paper

The first movie was El Krimen del Padre amaro (The crime of Father Amaro). There are so many immoralities in this movie. The first one is regarding what Father Amaro committed. Being a priest of a catholic church, you are used as an instrument of God and you should dedicate your life to only Him. Meaning, you are not allowed to commit any relationship with the other people. However, Father Amaro did not and so I treat him as an immoral person. It is because he engaged himself into a situation that is against his duty. According to a philosopher, a moral being is the one who does his duty even though it is against what he wants. So in the case of Father Amaro, he put himself into a relationship with Amelia (which is what he wants) and betrayed God’s command (his duty) which implies that what he did is contradictory to the principle of being a moral person.

Another immorality in the movie also emerged from the relationship of Sanjuanera and Father Benito. Like Father Amaro, Father Benito disobeyed his duty of not having any relationship with a person because he promised to dedicate his life to God before he fully became a priest. Like Father Amaro, you can consider father benito as an immoral person. With regards to Sanjuanera, her actions were also immoral. Commiting adultery is an immoral act and against the Ten Commandments. As a catholic, Sanjuanera is obliged to obey what were written in the Ten Commandments, but with his relationship to Father Benito, she only showed that she violated a law which means that she did not make her duty, thus she violated the principle of being a moral person and is disqualified to be called as moral. Another supporting information for her being immoral is that she was only left by her husband and she was not divorced when she got into a relationship with Benito. That only means that she committed a redundant case of adultery, and much worse of this is that both of them could not resist temptations which are also hindrances of being a moral being.

Another immorality in the movie was the abortion. Amelia (who was considered also as an immoral in the first place because of having a relationship with a priest) wanted to commit a crime – killing her own child. Undoubtedly speaking, when we say abortion, it is tantamount to killing a person. So if you commit abortion, you also committed yourself in killing a person. Another thing that made Amelia immoral was what she was doing every time she thinks about Jesus Christ. Having lust to our Lord Jesus Christ is one of the worst sins. We are told by God to love Jesus Christ and not to fantasize him in your mind with lust. So as a catholic, Amelia violated this and so she did not make her duty which implies that she desecrated the principle of being a moral being, thus, making her disqualified for being called as moral.

Another immoral act that was committed by Father Amaro and Amelia together was having sex with each other while saying some verses from the bible. It was also shown in the movie how Amaro dressed Amelia like the Virgin Mary and fantasize about her. As a catholic, I was really insulted because they were as if mocking the bible and being blasphemous. Because of this, I really have the right to call them immoral because we were all catholic and they were making fun out of the laws in the religion. Also, they were having sex just behind the wall of the room where the disabled girl there was resting; they were doing such demonic act short distance away from an innocent child. Isn’t that immoral? And the primary obligation of Amelia there is to teach catechism to the disabled child, and not to have sex with a priest. For me, what they did was beyond...
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