Persuasive Essay Computer Are Harm for Society

Topics: Education, Computer, Learning Pages: 3 (1136 words) Published: May 1, 2013
Positive and Negative Aspects of Computers in the Classroom

On a bright September morning, young students filled the playground of High Tech School. It was the first day of school. All the young pupils sported their bronze color tans along with new fall fashions. The sparkles in their eyes displayed their excitement for the new school year to begin. The night before, they dreamt about how wonderful their teacher would be, how colorful and magical their classroom would look and all the fun, educational things they would learn. As the bell rang, they all sprinted to their assigned doors and waited with anticipation. For some students it would be their first time walking into the building and for others it would be the year they learned how to write. However, something different happened this year, the doors opened automatically and there was not one teacher to greet them. As the children made their way to the classrooms, they were disappointed to find no colorful decorations or signs welcoming their return. By this point, each student was very nervous to walk into their classroom in fear that they would find something worse. Their inclination was right. The walls of each classroom were bear, each desk owned a computer, and a computer board replaced the chalkboard. This year the students would not be taught by a teacher, but instead a computer, they would not be learning how to print or write, they would be learning how to type, and instead of textbooks, they would be researching through the internet. Slowly they would learn to be dependant on the machines for creativity while theirs slowly diminished.

The idea of computer technology taking control over the school classroom is one that is not far fetched. As technology continues to grow rapidly it starts replacing people and their jobs. Although computers are a very sufficient tool for learning, research, and practice, they also have the ability to take way the “old fashion way” of doing things. It is...
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