Personalized Medicine

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Personalized Medicine

MAY 15, 2011

In this essay I will be able to explain how modern genetic technology may lead to personalized medicine. Show examples of the benefits of personalize medicine. I will then discuss the drawbacks and limitations of personalized medicine to human medicine. Personalize Medicine has great influence on the way we think towards identifying and managing healthcare problems and diseases. Personalize medicine aids in providing an in depth analysis of hereditary differences within genetically difference of people and also how it may affect the healthcare that they may need. With technology being modified daily the advancements in technology may improve the levels of personalize medicine by, giving details on someone metabolic, genetic, and proteinaceous profile that in the future be used to customize individual medical care. Personalize medicine could also be used in the development of companion diagnostics, which use molecular to measure the levels of genes, mutation, and proteins that can be used in the provision of specified therapy that fits the patient health condition(Science daily,2010). Our DNA is the makeup of us individually to let us know who we are. DNA and Genes have a major role in our development they can determine how one can react to medication or treatment. Research are trying to identify the genetic variations to be able to match it up with a response to a particular medication to be able to develop a personalize medicine approach to medicine (Mayo Clinic). The benefits of personalize medicine may include 1.Safer dosing options. 2. Reduce healthcare cost and medical expenditures. 3. Reduce negative drug side effects and tolerability issues. 4. Early diagnose and more effective intervention of disease s such as cancer. The area of medicine that will benefit the most from the advancement of genetic technology would...

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