Personality Development of College Students in Instructor Status and Role of

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Personality Development of College Students in Instructor status and role of Instructor status quality status and role of personality  University Students is the counselor's work. To do this work, accurately grasp the situation of personality of students, instructors need to constantly improve the quality of working capacity and business education to meet the needs of Personality Development. Only seize the focus, to take scientific and effective methods of work, training and education to the students personality and realistically do a good job, focus on to achieve results. 

<<Colleges and Universities Counselors requirements>> General pointed out: counselors to carry out ideological and political education is the backbone of a Higher Education and the daily management of the ideological and political organizers, practitioners and mentors. Students The task is: to the core ideals and convictions, deep people establish a correct world outlook, outlook on life and values education, patriotic education as the focus, depth to carry forward and cultivate the national spirit education to the basic code of Ethics based on deep civic and moral education, moral, intellectual, physical, and aesthetic development as the goal, deep people quality education. 

College is prepared to society of life, but also psychological maturing the critical initial period of socialization, learning to be fundamental in life, so step into adolescence, adulthood to seize this critical period, training students to promote student health healthy personality growth is Higher Education a top priority. 

In college, counselor's job is to manage the daily college students live and study. Therefore, the counselor's words, the line directly affect students, counselors of all the personality is the counselor, that counselor own personality is the most valuable place. to make college students trained to adapt to the development and needs, instructors must first pay attention to their cultivation of virtue, it may be by word and deed, training students produced an excellent line. 

First, the concept and the more defined personality 
For the meaning of personality, and we share the view: a personality who has been the performance that is retained in the image of others. He includes the people's values, ways of thinking and psychological development of the perfect combination with the outside world. 

Personality is about a great extent in a person's explicit and implicit behavior, how a person's personality, the cognitive model, emotional characteristics, attitudes toward, behavior, what behavior will be, due to environmental, cultural, experience and so different, people have their own developmentprocess in the formation of distinct personality characteristics. schools not only disseminate knowledge, but also to focus on the students personality. Therefore, character education has become the main trend of the world is also the focus of quality education. 

The rise of knowledge economy, not only shocked the production of human society and way of life, but also the impact of the traditional education system. Many countries are exploring and research for thedevelopment of education in today's society, such as the old version made in the 21st Century educational goal is an open heart, strong physique, rich creativity, freedom, the spirit of self-discipline; Singapore from a focus on education to get out of IQ, attention to sentiment education; United States an important pArt of education is character education; German education reform An important aspect is that schools not only disseminate knowledge, but also to care about the students character, the cultivation of character. At present the focus of education has started from the 'intellectual development, steering' V cell culture. "  Second, the status of personality of students 

Currently, the status of personality of students there are many problems. In contemporary...

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