Personality Assessment

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Alexandria Taylor
Writing Assignment #1
Comparing Self and Other Data

In this assignment, I did 2 personality assessments and had my friend do them both about me. In the first one, it was personality rate which had 10 questions. The results from my friend and mine were relatively the same. The directions were to rate the given statements on a scale of 1 to 9; with 9 being most like me and 1 being least like me. The friend who did the assessment was a friend who has I’ve known for about 5 years. She is one of best friends who know me very well. Although she does know me very well, some of the answers were really different. For example, #9 which states “is in a calm, relaxed manner”, I rated myself a 3 and she gave me a 9. I personally don’t think I’m calm. I feel like it’s hard for me to be calm. Another one with really different answer is #6 which states “is uncomfortable with uncertainty and complexities”. I rated myself a 9 and she gave me a 1. I know that I don’t deal well with uncertainty. These results show the disadvantages with these personality assessments.

Even though people have known you for years, you may not believe they really know you especially if they put something you wouldn’t put. But this also shows that you may not know yourself as you think you do. Or that you give off a different impression than you think you do. I’ve learned from doing this that I think my personality is what I think as well as what I give off to others. But it also showed me that I thought hard about what I wanted my numbers to be to describe me in a way that I want to be described, which is the downfall in these kinds of tests.

But me and my friend had the same answers on 5 out of the 10 and 3 out of the 10 were really close. This shows that some personality assessments are good in telling a personality of others through other people.

The other assessment was incomplete sentences that the person was to complete. For this assessment, I chose my...
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