Personal Statement Climate Change

Topics: Decision making, Risk, Climate change Pages: 2 (412 words) Published: September 13, 2008
The main reason of my fascination for climate change issues is that this challenge has brought to surface the impacts and consequences of what I consider the worst face of ignorance:greed; and it raised the importance of collaboration. Nowadays, while there is still uncertainty about the best way to address global warming, there is no doubt that all parties -governments, businessmen, scientists- now understand that they must work together to discover ways of managing what we are facing, and as a result interesting terms for collaboration have appeared such as “common but differentiated resposabilities”.

For almost two years, I have enjoyed the implementation of energy & climate projects and learned that achieving sustainable development in our rapidly changing world is, for Mexican competitivness, more important than ever. This is why decision makers need to realize that it is required to do more forward-planning than having a ‘wait and see’ approach. Another lesson learned with this professional experience is that there are too many variables to take into account in a decision process so it is necessary to learn the proper skills to obtain the ability to recognize all the significant elements and know how to manage them.

Thus, a combination of this lessons with personal interests lead me to find a course of study with an intersection of modelling, science and business with a crucial apllication at energy & climate field. As a result, I selected Master courses related with systems dynamics methodology, some courses with a more direct relationship than others; but all of them will help me to learn how to give order to collaboration and add strategic focus to any given situation. I will gain knowledge to design systems, how to manage risk and uncertainity and most important: identify key elements and read the interactions between them. I am excited to obtain this type of knowledge because I am aware that unsystematic approaches can lead to errors of...
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