Personal Ethics Statement

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Personal Ethics Statement

Being raised through generations of traditional Catholics, I was instilled with a multitude of good moral values that has given me a good perspective on my personal ethics and what I believe. I have always heard the golden rule from my family, “do unto others as you would have them done unto you”, and that has always stuck in my mind and is what I strive for. My preferred lens is Rights, Responsibility and Relationship. According to my preferred lens I use reasoning skills to determine both the universal rules that each person should follow and the processes that will assure fairness and justice for all in my community. I do believe that in order to have strong communities we should follow the rules and laws set so that we can succeed. Without having set boundaries there would be complete chaos.

My strength is being fair and responsible. I try to always give everyone a chance as long as they are doing what they are suppose to. I am very loyal and will always do what I say I am going to do. I believe that if we all acted in a responsible manner and follow the guidelines there would be social balance and everyone would have the chance for success. However with the belief that everybody has to do things my way and follow the rules, I can be a bit judgmental even though I am trying to help. While just simply having best of intentions I can create more problems for others because I want them to follow my method of doing things, which is my blind spot.

My core values are important to me. I value a person who is fair and responsible and has the drive to succeed within the boundaries that are allowed. I believe that rules exist for a reason and apply to everyone. Even though I have strong values, I can sometimes expect too much of others. When they cannot meet my expectations they become frustrated, and it can cause them to keep their distance.

In conclusion I believe if I can look at a situation clearly,...
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