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Topics: Morality, Sociology, Value Pages: 1 (335 words) Published: June 18, 2013
Honor, kindness and trust have been a symbol of person’s worth for thousands of years. In most countries, people are expressed the (their) honor and kindness through the smiling and good behaving. Since many people are rich in material possessions and social status, they would( are more likely to) judge a person’s worth (value) from the power and influence (that other people have). Although some people think old-fashioned seem to be less important, I believe these things must be worth because it shows a moral person and it also make a long term relationship. Old-fashioned values (Use another word)are very important for all people and it helps to develop their moral. Since people judge a value of person from old-fashioned values, they know and recognize each other through a moral behavior such as honor and kindness. A moral can increase a person’s worth and good behavior. For example, my uncle, Max, he is such a moral person. He’s running his business with a good moral (find other word) ,and he is in an excellent leader in at the same time because of his kindness and honor. This is one of the reasons why I believe that old-fashioned values are more worth.

A good behavior in society can makes a people know each other better. In society, people run many kind of business that required a strong relationship such as banking service and trading. Through these business, people learn how to make a long term relationship with each other. For instance example, my father, he is a successful businessman because he learned how to make a long term relationship by being a moral person. (U talking about moral in the paragraph above, y say it again?)

In conclusion, old-fashioned values are important parts of life including a moral person and good relationship. Therefore, I strongly believe that people should have judge a person’s worth from kind of the old-fashioned values that must be in parts of people’s life.
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