Organizational Knowledge Creation

Topics: Management, Knowledge, Strategic management Pages: 2 (474 words) Published: November 15, 2010
Organizational Knowledge creation

Knowledge creation is a dynamic capability that enables firms to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage on the market. The most important models elaborated for organizational knowledge creation are: Nonaka’s model, Nissen’s model, Boisot’s model and the EO_SECI model. The two predominant goals of organization are the generation and the application of knowledge, because the capacity to generate and apply organizational knowledge is the source of competitive advantage. Also, it is very important to create knowledge better than the competitors in order to cope on the market. From the point of view of Nonaka, knowledge creation is “a dynamic human process of justifying a personal belief toward the truth and embodying a technical skill through practice”. Therefore, the knowledge-creation theory is based on the assumption that knowledge includes human values and ideas. The knowledge vision of a firm results from the strategic management of the firm and it gives a direction to the process if knowledge creation. Leadership in the knowledge-creating firm is based on the concept of distributing leadership, rather than on leadership conceived as rigid and fixed control mechanism. Organizational culture defines how a person is identified within the organization and how that person conceives its system al values and relates to it. Knowledge assets are intangible resources that contribute to value creation. They can be inputs or outputs of the SECI process. The knowledge-based theory of the firm contains the ecosystem of knowledge which reflects the external business environment. The organization and the ecosystem both develop together increasing the chances for realizing the competitive advantage. While the Nonaka’s knowledge dynamics is based on knowledge conversion through social interactions, the Nissen’s knowledge dynamics is based on the idea of flows, how knowledge moves through an organization. Boisot’d model...
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