Organizational Behavior and Communication

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American Red Cross

Courtney Miller

Communication for Accountants

Dr. Sandra Ferguson

University of Phoenix

July 29, 2010


This paper will focus on the American Red Cross. The culture, espoused values and enacted values are all important aspects of this organization. Communication plays a very vital role in the perception and organizational culture. Perceptions within this organization might cause misalignment between espoused and enacted values. Being able to identify the role of conflict in group communication of the organization is very vital to the success of the organization. The conflict tends to improve communication within and among groups, so that the organization can be effective.

American Red Cross

According to, the American Red Cross is the largest volunteer organization in America. Since the founding of the Red Cross by Clara Barton in 1881, volunteers have been trained to help families, friends, and neighbors in the event of an emergency. It is committed to making a positive difference by improving the quality of human life, enhancing self-reliance and concern for others, and helping people avoid, prepare for, and cope with emergencies. The American Red Cross South Arkansas chapter saves lives by responding with food, shelter, and hope when a disaster occurs. This organization saves lives. When disaster strikes, we respond with food, shelter and hope. Some of the major principles of American Red Cross Movement are: humanity, impartiality, independence, voluntary service, unity, and universality. The shared values of this organization includes: humanitarianism, stewardship, helping others, respect, voluntary spirit, continuous learning, and integrity. Some key elements toward the success of an organization should be influenced by the: culture, communication, role of conflict in group communication, and how conflict improves communication in the organization....

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