Organisational Learning

Topics: Organizational learning, Knowledge, Learning Pages: 5 (1327 words) Published: April 22, 2013
Goh, S. C. (1998). Toward a Learning Organization: The Strategic Building Blocks. Advanced Management Journal, 63(2), 15-22.

This article proposes that there are five strategic building blocks and two supporting foundations in order to build a learning organization. The five building blocks----mission and vision, leadership, experimentation, transfer of knowledge, and teamwork and cooperation, are summarized from literature. Also, the author believes that these building blocks require two major supporting foundations. One is organizational design, the other is employee skills and competences. This study gives managers a measurement model to assess their success in building a learning organization and take actions accordingly.

Goh, S. C. (2003). Improving organizational learning capability: lessons from two case studies. The Learning Organization, 10(4), 216-227.

This aim of this paper is to describe a tool to measure organizational learning capability, which is a modified model of his former five strategic building blocks for a learning organization. This tool includes five aspects to measure the learning capability of organizations----clarity of mission and vision, leadership commitment and empowerment, experimentation and rewards, effective transfer of knowledge, and teamwork and group problem solving, which can be used to initiate and facilitate a change process to building a greater learning capability. In addition, this article presents two case studies in two companies where survey is used to gather employee perception of organizational learning capability. And the two examples show that by improving the five aspects of organizational learning capability, organizations can move from its present state to a desired future state.

Goh, S. C., Richards, G. (1997). Benchmarking the Learning Capability of Organizations. European Management Journal, 15(5), 575-583.

In this article the two researchers develop a benchmark of organizational learning capability to help managers focus on specific interventions required to improve learning. According to the five building blocks proposed by Goh, this study first proposes a detailed survey containing 21 questtions, which is used to test the organizational learning capabilities in four organizations. This survey is quite useful because it can measure the current capability of the organization to learn, provide specific interventions in high impact areas, and reassess learning capabilities at regular intervals.

Walczak, S. (2008). Knowledge management and organizational learning: An international research perspective. The Learning Organization, 15(6), 486-494. This conceptual paper is a literature review in the field of knowledge management and organizational learning. The authors analyze many KM and OL papers focusing on companies in different countries and suggest that future studies in KM and OL should be global, which means that researchers should investigate companies across national boundaries and make a comparative analysis. Also, the authors state that cultural factors should be taken into consideration when doing KM and OL research.

Prieto, I. M., Revilla, E. (2006). Learning capability and business performance: a non-financial and financial assessment. The Learning Organization, 13(2), 166-185.

This study investigates the relationship between organizational learning capability and business performance, both financial and non-financial. It establishes a measurement model for organizational learning capability in terms of knowledge stocks and learning flows. Based on this model, the authors find that there is a positive relationship between learning capability and business performance. Specifically, organizational learning capability affects non-financial performance, and non-financial performance affects financial performance of organizations.

Goh, S. C., Elliott, C., Quon, T. K. (2012). The relationship between learning capability and organizational...
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