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Section 2.1: Becoming Familiar with Relevant Aspects of Students’ Backgrounds Knowledge and Experiences This section talks about becoming familiar with students' background knowledge and their experiences.

Describes how to locate learner background information and experiences; explains how it can be used in planning lessons

Locating learner background information and experiences is important. I could locate my students’ background information by looking at their transcripts, interviewing them, or even looking at their previous test scores from years past. By looking at my future students' previous tests, I'm able to see what they know and what level of learning they are at. This will help me in my classroom because I'm then able to create lesson plans around my students’ capabilities of learning. For example, if a large percentage of my students didn't do well on the reading portion of their OAA test, I can make sure I put more time into my reading lessons to meet the needs of my students. Locating my students' experiences is important too. I can do this by doing a getting to know you activity in the beginning of the year. As you can see by the attached evidence, this was the getting to know you activity my teacher in my Teaching Professions class did on the first day of school. I had to pick 5 things about must to talk about and 1 of them had to be a lie. Then my classmates had to guess which one I was lying about. This was good because right off the bat, my classmates and teacher knew a couple things about me. I will use this in my future classroom but instead of picking one that is a lie, I will have my students’ pick 3 that are true and 2 that are not true to make it more interesting. This will be helpful in my classroom because it will give me a better understanding of who my students are and what their lives are like outside of the school setting. I'm considering teaching in an inner city/poor area. Let's say the majority of my students...
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