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Topics: Global warming, Renewable energy, Universal health care Pages: 4 (1293 words) Published: February 18, 2014
C A S E 3
Lois Quam
Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Tysvar, LLC
After accompanying Will Steger on a trip to Norway and the Arctic Circle, Lois Quam’s interest in global climate change was sparked. There she witnessed firsthand the astonishing changes in the polar ice masses and the resulting impact on wildlife. Inspired by Steger’s call for action to reduce global climate change, in 2009 Lois Quam left Piper Jaffray, a leading international investment bank, to become the founder and CEO of Tysvar, LLC, a privately held, Minnesota-based New Green Economy and health care reform incubator.1

“I’m focused on ways to finding solutions to really significant problems and taking those ideas to full potential,” Quam said. “Piper [Jaffray] does a wonderful job financing companies. I want to bring the green economy to reality in a way that is much broader than financing. I want to focus on areas where I can make the most difference bringing the green economy to scale.”2 Tysvar works with investors who can create the change they wish to see in the world rather than simply reacting to events as they unfold. The company is a strategic advisor and incubator of ideas, organizations, and people working to facilitate and build the New Green Economy (NGE) to scale. Tysvar’s goal is to contribute to a viable, profitable, and socially responsible industry of sustainability, clean technology, and renewable energy sources.3 Lois Quam believes the New Green Economy will produce high quality jobs, improve our national security via less dependence on foreign fuels, and prevent the most damaging consequence of all: irreversible and diminishing climate change. She and Tysvar are committed to establishing universal health care reform in America. They believe universal health care is the answer for dependable, affordable health care for all Americans and that it is necessary to help rebuild the American economy and restore American competitiveness worldwide. 4

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