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Topics: Decision theory, Risk, Decision making Pages: 2 (515 words) Published: January 31, 2013
Online Shopping: Benefits and Hazards
I chose Online Shopping: benefits and hazards. The reason for choosing this topic is because I do a lot of online shopping. It’s convenient for me because I don’t have to get out into the mix of traffic on the highway and I don’t have to fight the traffic inside the stores. I like shopping online because I don’t have to worry about them locking the door, turning the lights out on me, or announcing over the intercom “attention shoppers, the store will be closing in ten minutes.” That’s just a few benefits of shopping online and here a few hazards of shopping online. When purchasing an item off the internet, it is important to know that the site is secure. You want to make sure you can trust the site you’re purchasing from because of personal information such as, credit card numbers, addresses, and even personal computers need to be protected from any type of threat. There are sites that are built specifically just to phish information like email addresses, usernames, and passwords; therefore, when consumers want to make a purchase online, they really have to trust the site and know it is secure and that their information is not at risk. When I launched the online library, I found two articles that caught my attention. One article was “Sustaining Online Shopping: Moderating Role of Online Shopping Motives.” Anderson,J. C., and D. W. Gerbing, 1988. Structural equation modeling in practice: A review and recommended two-step approach. Psychological Bullentin 103 (3): 411-423

Bhatnagar, A., and S. Ghose. 2004. Segmenting consumers based on the benefits and risks of Internet shopping.Journal of Business Research57 (12): 1352–1360. Bhattacherjee, A., and G. Premkumar. 2004. Understanding changes in belief and attitude toward information technology usage: A theoretical model and longi- tudinal test.MIS Quarterly28 (2): 229–254....
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