One World Essay

Topics: Carbon dioxide, Greenhouse gas, Methane Pages: 4 (1325 words) Published: May 23, 2013
The problems of global warming and energy shortages have grown increasingly serious. The demands for alternative energy sources such as biofuel, solar and so on to reduce emission are becoming more urgent. In order to further the understanding of global warming, global warming means, in a short period of time, the earth’s atmosphere and the ocean’s temperature, keep rising due to the greenhouse effect and activities of human. And the resulting effect is called global warming. In general, the scientific community found that the speed of climate change observed in the past 50 years, is doubled in the past 100 years, therefore, there is reason to believe that the rise of the climate is driven by human activities. The atmosphere around us has been going warmer and warmer; the heat that we produced comes into our atmosphere but could not get out.1

If we fail to reduce the burning of fossil fuel and deforestation emissions, the Earth will sooner become uninhabitable. Content of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases continue to increase. Since the global warming has man-made factors, the burning of fossil fuels, deforestation and farming have also enhanced the greenhouse effect. The greenhouse gas increases the temperature that melts the ice caps, which raise the sea level and leads us to the lost of certain species of animals, weather changes and acid rain. There’re thousands of species risk extinction from disappearing habitat, due to the rise of the temperature of the atmosphere and acidifying oceans. The Earth’s temperature will continue to increase in the coming decades, and there’s a chain of devastating consequences, including the huge rise of sea level, worsening air qualities and the spread of tropical diseases. There are many recommendations to try to attempt to eliminate possible causes of global warming. One of the most important reasons, according to the scientist is greenhouse gas emission. Can we use science to fix this? Yes, there’re ways such...

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