On Time

Topics: Morality, Human, Value Pages: 1 (251 words) Published: April 14, 2013
The Importance of Being on Time

What is the importance of being on time? Is there one? Is it truly important? Is it truly a needed characteristic as a human being? Will it make you any different as a Soldier? Will it make you any different as a person? Some people will argue against being on time. People have different thoughts on all of the previous questions. But what is morally correct? As a person, does it matter? As a soldier, does it matter anymore than solely as a person? These are the questions that must be answered to show the true importance of being on time. Many things come into play when looking over the trait that is being on time. It says many things about a person’s character, their integrity, their will, their respect for others, their own dependability, and also their own ethics and morals. Doing this write up made me realize how I myself am possibly viewed and it goes against all my morals. Every piece of what I have found made me look at myself in a different view. A view I have always in my life aimed to stay away from. One of the common attributes of all successful people is that they view their time as valuable. When you are late for appointments with people who value their time, you will have wasted one of their most valuable assets and there is a good chance they will view you as irresponsible and disrespectful.
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