Old Majors Speech

Topics: Communism, Karl Marx, Animal Farm Pages: 2 (520 words) Published: November 19, 2013
Animal Farm- Major’s Speech

In the novel ‘Animal Farm’, George Orwell uses persuasive techniques in the speech of Old Major. George Orwell conveys his opinion about the beginning of a rebellion. Old Major’s speech illustrates how ‘Animal Farm’ was based on the Russian Revolution and how Old Major was modelled on Karl Marx who wrote the communist manifesto, a guiding principle of the Russian Revolution. Sensing that his long life is about to come to an end, Major wishes to impart to the rest of the farm animals with the wisdom that he has acquired during his lifetime. "Before I die I feel it my duty to pass on to you such wisdom". This makes the animals feel sadness for he is near the end of his life, shame because he is such a noble character, and gratuity for sharing his wisdom with them. The animals also believe almost anything old major says because he is old and wise. The speech begins with an attention grabbing ‘now’ that attracts the audience’s attention. The use of the word ‘now’ means that his message is urgent and he wants them to be silent. He addresses his audience as comrades. This brings the feeling of friendliness and makes it personal. It makes the audience feel included and equal. The plain truth, he says, is that the lives of his fellow animals are “miserable, laborious, and short.” Animals are born into the world as slaves, worked incessantly from the time they can walk, fed only enough to keep breath in their bodies, and then slaughtered mercilessly when they are no longer useful. He notes that the land upon which the animals live contains enough resources to support the animals in luxury; there is no natural reason for the animal’s poverty and misery. Major blames the animal’s suffering solely on their human tormenters. Mr. Jones has been exploiting animals for ages, Major says, taking all of the products of their labour—eggs, milk, foals—for themselves and producing nothing of value to offer the animals in return. Old Major shares a dream...
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