Old Building as Monuments

Topics: History, Ancient history, Culture Pages: 1 (366 words) Published: June 24, 2013
Should we preserve old building as historical monuments? I believe that different people will hold different perspective to this question. In my point of view, a city should preserve the old historic buildings. Being a container of human activity, Building, obviously, is also a reservoir of human history and culture. To some extent, preserving old historic building means respecting the previous generations. An old building can insinuate historical events happened in the city. Old buildings, as a symbol of architectural heritage, memorize the significant episodes. Looking at the shabby Rome city, almost devastated temples, demolished palace, it is not hard to imagine the prosperous kingdom of the ancient Rome. We can also acknowledge that these buildings are ruined after the kingdom was vanquished by the enemy. Thus, historic buildings are one fundamental method to learn about significant events in the history. The old historic buildings of a city would accentuate a city's culture and characteristic. The Kashgar city is the best example; Chinese government has approved a bill of rebuilding the Kashgar old city, which is 1500years old and main heritage of Uyghur culture, a significant culture of Central Asia. Although a new modern city have been built near to the old one, the most attractive place of Kashgar is still the old city, which has many old historic buildings. The people who want to know about Uyghur culture, one of main culture of Central Asia, always go to visit the old Kashgar city. Preserving old historic building means respecting the previous generations. Maybe some old buildings have negative effect on the cityscape or its function, however, with the consideration of respect previous people, we have no right to destroy or substitute them for modern buildings. On the other hand, we have the responsibility of preserving them to our next generations so that they could have the opportunity to know about their predecessors tangibly. Nevertheless...
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