October Revolution

Topics: Soviet Union, Communism, Vladimir Lenin Pages: 2 (454 words) Published: April 10, 2013
Matthew McGuire
Humanities October revolution

The October revolution or as others call it “The Bolshevik Revolution” was started by the Bolsheviks on 1917. The purpose of the revolution was to overthrow the Russian government. It was an event that was six months in the planning by the Bolsheviks. The Bolsheviks became more and more popular leading up to the time of the revolution. This helped them execute what they were planning with alot more ease.

The Bolshevik party’s ultimate goal was to overthrow the Russian government, and to bring themselves into power. The Bolshevik’s were composed of mostly workers of a democratic internal hierarchy governed by the principle of democratic centralism. They also considered themselves the leaders of the revolutionary working class of Russia.

The Bolshevik revolution was successful in a way in their short term goals, but was unsuccessful in their long term goals. They wanted to fix the problem of shortage of food, which they did partially. The policy of war communism did fix the food shortage, but it was devastating to the peasants. It was a partial success. Another one of their goals was to get more land for the peasants. This was failure, because the land was given to the village associates, and it was later taken away in 1928. Peace was another goal of the Bolsheviks. They also wanted to withdrawal from World War I. This goal was a success the Russians withdrawal in 1918. The last short term goal was for all the power to go to the soviets. This was a complete success.

The Bolshevik revolution was unsuccessful in their long term goals of their government. Their first long term goal was to have a classless society. This was a huge failure the Soviets ended up having four groups of society. They had the prisoners, the government, the workers, and the peasants. Another goal they had was to have a workers state with no exploitation. The workers were still exploited as much as the previous government had...
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