Observations: Scientific Process

Topics: Scientific method, Knowledge, Philosophy of science Pages: 1 (263 words) Published: January 26, 2013
Linda Marie Lundy
January 18, 2013
Chris Allen Shreve

The scientific process consists of three steps, unsystematic observation, building theories, and evaluating theories. The first step is unsystematic observation which is when you take something, whatever it might be that you want to have a better understanding about and use your senses (look, listen, feel, smell, and taste). The second step is building theories, this means that all the information that you were able to obtain from your observation is collected and put together to make a little more sense to what you are observing and why you are observing what you are observing. The third step evaluating propositions is when you test the theories that you came up with in regards to your observations over and over again so that you can get answers to what you were looking for.

When it comes to the question of me using the scientific process in my life to better understand my personality, I would have to say that I do not think that I have ever thought of using the scientific process to get a better understanding of my personality. I have always thought that when it comes to your personality it pretty much is what it is and your grow from the experiences in your life. I would have to admit that I would not even know where to start in then sense of using the scientific process to understand my personality.

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References: McAdams, D. P. (2009). The Person (5th ed.). Danvers, Massachusetts: John WIley & Sons, Inc..
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